Our speaker flew the Marine OV-10.

Order of Daedalians
P.O. Box 11261
Chandler, Arizona 85248

Our speaker also flew the Marine A-6.


13 Feb 2020
9 Jan 2020
12 Dec 2019


Thursday, 12 March
1800: Social Hour
1900: Dinner

Col Fred Cone,
USMC Retired

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"Rolling Thunder", Vietnam.
Dobson's Restaurant
at the Dobson Ranch
Golf Course,
2155 South Dobson Rd, Mesa (480-644-2600).
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Roast Beef, Chicken Fried Steak, or
Bourbon Shrimp.
(they all come with
vegetables, rolls, coffee
or tea, and dessert).
$30 per person
(includes toasting wine)
Recommended Dress:
Dressy Casual.

12 Mar: Meeting
16 Mar: Staff Mtg
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14 May: Meeting
18 May: Staff Mtg
Summer Break
10 Sep: Meeting
14 Sep: Staff Mtg
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Page updated: 23 Feb 2020

Click for info on the Daedalians' seal.The Order of Daedalians was organized on March 26, 1934, by a representative group of American World War I pilots to perpetuate the spirit of patriotism, the love of country, and the high ideals of sacrifice which place service to nation above personal safety or position. The Order is dedicated to: insuring that America will always be preeminent in air and space—the encouragement of flight safety—fostering an esprit de corps in the military air forces—promoting the adoption of military service as a career—and aiding deserving young individuals in specialized higher education through the establishment of scholarships.  For more, visit their web site: www.daedalians.org. (Willie Flight 82 is a tax exempt 501(c)(19) organization.)
Operation Rolling Thunder was a frequently interrupted bombing campaign that began on 24 February 1965 and lasted until the end of October 1968. During this period U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft engaged in a bombing campaign designed to force Ho Chi Minh to abandon his ambition to take over South Vietnam. The operation began primarily as a diplomatic signal to impress Hanoi with America's determination, essentially a warning that the violence would escalate until Ho Chi Minh "blinked," and secondly it was intended to bolster the sagging morale of the South Vietnamese.  (For more, visit source: https://www.afhistory.af.mil/FAQs/Fact-Sheets/Article/458992/operation-rolling-thunder/.)

Gerry Homewood, Ron Diedrichs, Frank Stookey, Don Harvel, and Jim Vandeventer.

      Elected Officers:  
          Flight Captain: Don Harvel, USAF Retired (biography)
          Vice Flight Captain: Frank Stookey, USA Retired
          Treasurer: Jim Vandeventer, USAF Retired
          Scholarships Chairman: Gerry Homewood, USAF Retired
          Provost Marshal: Ron Diedrichs, USAF Retired
      Appointed Staff:  
          Flight Adjutant: Arlan Allen, USA Retired
          Elements Coordinator & Chaplain: Tom Waldron, USAF Retired
         Assistant Treasurer: Jim Vanedeventer, USAF Retired
         Assistant Scholarships: Gary Zettl, USAF Retired
         Audio-Visual: Art Stark, USAF Retired
          Assistant Audio-Visual: Kurt Gearhart, USAF Retired
          Biographies: Gary Klein, USMC Retired
          Publicity & Membership: Pat Dooley, USAF Retired

Normally, Willie Flight 82 meets monthly, September through May, on the second Thursday of the month, but the date can change (see calendar left).  The dinner meeting social hour starts at 1800, with dinner served about 1900, followed by a speaker -- we're usually finished by about 2100. Meeting location and other information are shown in the left column
Reservations are made by contacting the appropriate Element Leader listed in the monthly newsletter.


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