Lt Col Ron Diedrichs, USAF Retired


          Command Pilot / Senior Aerospace Human Factors Specialist


EDUCATION: MBA with oncentration in Human Resources Management, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington, 1983. Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), Aerospace Physiology, Aerospace Medicine, Human Factors Engineering, Man/Machine Systems Design & Integration (Avionics, RAAS, EGPWS, FMS, TCAS, Fly-by Wire), Technical Product Risk Analysis, Loss Prevention Control & Engineering.


EXPERIENCE: Arizona State University, Faculty Instructor: Safety, Accident Investigation, Aerospace Physiology & Human Factors. Type Ratings A320 & A340 Type rating B707 via FSDO & USAF History. Current FAA Safety Representative for Scottsdale FSDO, and Aerospace Human Factors Consulting LLC. Manager Flight Technical Services Honeywell International Aerospace Electronics. Trans World Airlines Pilot. United States Air Force, Lt Col, Retired).


Chief Investigator and Inspector compliance and quality, for the office of the

USAF Inspector General / International Society of Air Safety Investigators

(ISASI) / Graduate School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB, TX / Undergraduate

Pilot Training, Randolph AFB, Texas / Instructor: Williams AFB, Arizona.


Instructs Aerospace Physiology and Life Support (Altitude Chamber) to 50,000+ USAF,

Commercial and Corporate aircrew and Pilots.  Designated NTSB Go Team Investigator including

at least 25 accidents including Willie T-38’s, TWA 800. American Flight 965, Cali, Columbia,

“Controlled Flight into Terrain” (CFIT) / Swissair 111: MD-11 Accident.


Personal Information:  Arizona resident since 1985, married to Bonnie Fae Johnson.  One daughter, and four grandchildren.

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