AF Cadet Seth Nanny, NAU

Army Cadet Robin Beauregard, ERAU

AF Cadet Chris Partida, ERAU

AF Cadet Michael Austin, ASU

Army Cadet Matt Conrad, ASU

In 2017, Willie Flight awarded $3,667 in cash scholarships to five college ROTC cadets who are going into military aviation, including two $1000 scholarships that were totally funded by Willie Flight 82.  In addition, three of our ROTC cadets receive an additional $667 matching funds from Order of Daedalians' National Headquarters, for a total of $5,668.  In addition to the ROTC scholarships, we supported 20 high school JROTC programs with Order of Daedalians' medals and certificates throughout Arizona.
Willie Flight 82 ROTC Scholarships:



FLT 82


Cadet Seth Nanny  USAF ROTC, Northern Arizona U, Flagstaff. $ 1,000 None
Cadet Robin Beauregard Army ROTC, Embry Riddle U, Prescott. $1,167 None
Cadet Chris Partida USAF ROTC, Embry Riddle U, Prescott. $ 500 $ 667
Cadet Michael Austin USAF ROTC, Arizona State U, Phoenix. $ 500 $ 667
Cadet Matt Conrad Army ROTC, Arizona State U, Phoenix. $ 500 $ 667


$ 3,667 $ 2,001

Grand Total:

$ 5,668

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